2 Hole & Channel vs. Full Slot

Full Slot

The FULL SLOT style welding pad allows maximum communication of the liquidbetween the Vessel and the Weld Pad Gage.

Full Slot style with transparent glass is recommended to see a liquid-liquid interface.

Back lighting is possible when a pair of Full Slot Gages are set 180° apart on thevessel using transparent (plain) glass.

Transparent glass is usually specified with Full Slot style but Reflex glass may alsobe used.

Specify TWA for transparent glass; RWA for reflex glass.

2 Hole & Channel

The Vessel is frequently not slotted to match the windows in the Pad but only drilled.In such cases a 2-HOLE & CHANNEL pad can be used with no loss of fluid flow.

Advantages are a stronger installation with more reinforcement.

Commonly used with Reflex style glass.