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Rules for Success!

1. Calculate “Combined Nipple Length” & round up to nearest 1/4” increment. Select nipples (stocked at Inferno in 1/4” increments up through 6” ). Tape all threads with TFE.

2. Hold gage in vise. Make up nipples and valves tight.

3. Use a back-up wrench on the square gage body or choke up in vise to avoid twisting the glass. Use a temporary coupling plus an extension nipple (about 12”) attached to “Floating Tailpiece” to gain leverage while turning valves. No pipe wrench required.

4. Turn valves in stages until desired C-C is achieved.

5. When mounting valve & gage assembly to vessel the unions must be made up tight enough to seal metal to-metal. Be sure to use a back-up wrench on the valve body to avoid twisting the nipples in two. O-ring is provided in union for additional sealability in case of minor misalignment.

Gage Valve Piping Installation