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2 Hole & Channel vs. Full Slot

[figure: vessel with weld pad]
Fig. 7-5

Full Slot

[Figure] View at 'A' and 'B'
Fig. 7-6

The FULL SLOT style welding pad allows maximum communication of the liquidbetween the Vessel and the Weld Pad Gage.

Full Slot style with transparent glass is recommended to see a liquid-liquid interface.

Back lighting is possible when a pair of Full Slot Gages are set 180° apart on thevessel using transparent (plain) glass.

Transparent glass is usually specified with Full Slot style but Reflex glass may alsobe used.

Specify TWA for transparent glass; RWA for reflex glass.

2 Hole & Channel

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Fig. 7-7

[Figure] View at 'D'
Fig. 7-8

The Vessel is frequently not slotted to match the windows in the Pad but only drilled.In such cases a 2-HOLE & CHANNEL pad can be used with no loss of fluid flow.

Advantages are a stronger installation with more reinforcement.

Commonly used with Reflex style glass.