Sight Glass Gage Valves

FT15 "Free Turn" Product Brochure


Attack of the "Killer Brine"

Announcement- Oilfield Ready-Read the Story

    FT15 Free Turn Gage Valves

FT25 "Free Turn" -- Double Union Drawing

    Are your BALL CHECKS working? Interactive Demo
    Yellow Caution Tag- FT series

FT Series Installation Instructions

Model 15A Gage Valves

Installation Instructions

Spherical Vessel Connections


Model 12T Brochure

Model 12T Tubular Gage Valves, Installation Instructions

  FT-TUB "Free Turn" Tubular Gage Valves

High Pressure Gage Glass Columns - Flat Glass Type

  R100 Mid Pressure Reflex Level Gauge
  R200 High Pressure Reflex Level Gauge
  T100 Mid Pressure Transparent Level Gauge
  T200 High Pressure Transparent Level Gauge

Minimum Valve Centers- Side Connected Gages



Close Hook-Up Gauge with Floating Unions

Reflex or Transparent Sight Glass Gauge

Sight Glass Model Numbering System

Spare Glass & Gaskets for ALL BRANDS - Inferno,

Penberthy, Jerguson, Mallard, Quest-tec, etc.

Installation Instructions

Liquid Level Gages & Valves in Steam Service

Non-Frost Extensions for Low Temp Applications

Gage-Valve Assemblies - "Combo's"

  Min. Valve Centers- End Conn. Gages w FT15 or 15A Valves
  Orientation -- Let us Assemble Gages to Valves on your


  Gage / Valve Piping Installation
  How to Remove Sight Gages

R100 w FT15 Cut Sheet

  T100 T200 w FT15 Cut Sheet
  R100 w FT25 Cut Sheet
  T100 T200 w FT25 Cut Sheet

Close Hook-Up Gage with Valves

Close Hook-Up Gage with Valves Four Way

Close Hook-Up Gage with Valves Single Union Spherical Union

Male x Male Floating Union

Armored Tubular Glass Gages & Valves

  TE Tubular Gage
  TE Tubular Gage "How it Works"
ATS Tubular Gage with 12T Valves
ATS Tubular Gage - Exploded View
ATS Installation Instrutions

12T "Straight Pattern" Tubular Valves (CS or SS)


FT-TUB "Free Turn" Tubular Gage Valves

  Conbraco Brass Valves
  5/8" O.D. & 3/4" O.D. Tubular Glass
  Guard Rods, Expanded Metal
  Strongback for Extended Piping

Rectangular Weld Pad Gages

  Welding Pad Gage with Isolation Valves
  RW3 Low Pressure Weld Pad Gage

RWA / TWA Weld Pad Gage

RWA / TWA Model Numbering System

  View Style - 2 Hole & Channel or Full Slot
  Curved vs. Flat Back
  Design Guide

Attention Vessel Designers

Certificate of Conformance - Example

Weld Pad Gage Installation Instructions